FOOTHILL RANCH, CA – May 29, 2024 – Gatekeeper Systems, a pioneer in tech-enabled loss prevention solutions, today highlights critical findings from Pushout Theft News’ Annual Report. This comprehensive report reviews an increase in pushout theft news stories from across the US during 2023, a troubling trend involving thieves brazenly wheeling out carts full of unpaid goods, bypassing traditional security measures.

Key Insights from the 2023 Annual Report: 

  • Increased Theft Values: The average loss from a pushout incident reported in the media surged to $1,290 in 2023, a $130 increase from the previous year. In stark contrast, Gatekeeper Systems’ real-world data from stores that have deployed the Purchek® solution shows the average value of an attempted pushout is much less, indicating that our clients deter the most determined thieves, who then target less secure locations.
  • Recovery Rates: While the media reported that on average 54% of stolen goods were not recovered in 2023, the Purchek® solution tells a different story. Our innovative technology not only detects theft attempts but actively prevents the cart from leaving the premises, significantly increasing the likelihood of recovering items without the need for confrontations.
  • Theft Timing: Media reports show 3:00 PM as the highest occurring hour of the day and Thursday as the most reported day of the week with pushout thefts. However, Gatekeeper Systems’ data from across the US points to early evening, particularly between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM, and weekends as the prime times for attempted pushouts, with Sunday and Saturday leading the way.

Gatekeeper Systems’ Purchek® solution employs advanced sensors, turnkey video analytics, and real-time data monitoring to deliver a non-confrontational solution to pushout theft. The system’s capabilities extend beyond simple deterrence; it disables carts attempting exits without payment, activates alarms, and records video evidence, providing invaluable insights into theft patterns. With millions of event videos collected and reviewed, Gatekeeper Systems is the leading authority on Pushout Theft. Our customers, representing a wide variety of retail verticals and store formats experience a compelling ROI on the Purchek® solution based on the frequency and value of attempted theft events as well as the resulting deterrence and decrease in pushouts that come once the solution is deployed. Beyond the merchandise recovery, additional benefits are tangible in both meaningful dollar savings and improved safety for employees and customers alike. The effective confrontation-free approach of a disabled cart is a welcomed alternative to systems that alarm when a theft is occurring but have no automated prevention response.

Perception vs. Reality:

 “While sensational media reports focus on high-value retail crime, our data shows that opportunistic, less sensational thefts are happening at a frequency that retailers should pay attention to,” explains Craig Greenberg, CCO of Gatekeeper Systems. “Our Purchek® system plays a crucial role in empowering retailers with the tools to understand and address the full spectrum of pushout theft, both the ORC activity hitting the news highlights and the often-overlooked increasing trend of opportunistic theft impacting the overall shrink number. Our Purchek® solution will disable any cart that hasn’t met the criteria of a paid transaction.”

 About Gatekeeper Systems:

 Founded in 1998, Gatekeeper Systems is at the forefront of loss prevention and cart containment technologies. With its patented wheel-locking technology and a presence in 58 countries, Gatekeeper Systems is dedicated to reducing merchandise loss and enhancing safety in over 25,000 stores worldwide.

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