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Stop Pushout Theft with Purchek® Technology

Gatekeeper Systems’ Purchek® technology is a highly effective loss prevention tool to improve safety, retain merchandise, and prevent theft.

Flexible to accommodate a variety of retail formats, the system remains invisible to paying shoppers while stopping bad actors in their tracks.

In addition, video classification and theft investigative services offer retail partners unique insights into daily in-store theft behaviors and valuable ROI validation. When the Purchek® system is combined with our CartControl® technology, retailers have a powerful and multi-faceted loss prevention solution that delivers multiple layers of ongoing return on investment.

"Gatekeeper Systems’ loss prevention tools work hard, yet go completely unnoticed in our retail stores, which is critical to protecting our paying customers' shopping experience and avoiding negative or confrontational interactions."

Rick Whidden

Director of Asset Protection, Albertsons-Safeway

Why Consider Purchek® Technology?


Purchek® technology stops the cart, not the person, eliminating confrontation while reducing the opportunity for violence.

Retain Unpaid Merchandise

Purchek® technology is loss prevention, not loss detection. Intelligent, automatic patented technology ensures your unpaid merchandise never leaves the store.

Increase Profits

Purchek® technology retains your merchandise while improving safety and reducing labor.

Positive Shopper Experience

Purchek® technology ensures an open and inviting shopper experience, invisible to customers and always on duty.

Shopper Analytics and Loss Insights

HD Event Video + Classification provides meaningful insights on repeat offender activity and validates ROI.

How Purchek® Technology Works

Purchek® technology is a fully automated behavior-based system that prevents shopping carts from leaving a retail store location unless they have been authorized at a point of sale (POS) location. If not authorized, the cart will be locked at the exit, further triggering a video event and audible alarm. This commonly results in the thief walking away without the product or a physical incident.

Our Purchek® technology validates the ROI of the system, while providing our retail partners unique insights into theft behavior occurring in their stores everyday.

The Purchek® system is designed with the flexibility to accommodate a variety of retail store formats. The system remains invisible to paying customers while stopping thieves right in their tracks.

Select Customer Journey
Standard Customer
Pushout Theft
System is completely invisible to shopper
SmartWheel® device is provided an "exit permission" during checkout process
Customer completes shopping trip without noticing the Purchek® technology
System is completely invisible to shopper
Thief bypasses all Point of Sales (POS) locations
SmartWheel® device locks at the exit, disabling the cart, automatically triggering an alarm and video recording event
Merchandise is commonly abandoned as thief flees
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Event Based Video and Classification Services

Gatekeeper Systems offers a broad range of comprehensive technologies and managed services that deliver optimized performance and store oversight.

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Pushout Theft Solutions – Comparison Matrix

Purchek Comparison Matrix

    How Much Will You Save with Purchek® Pushout Theft Protection?

    Step 1: Merchandise Recovered

    Please start by entering the number of stores and the average number of carts per store. Next, enter the estimated number and value of pushout theft attempts per week.

    The frequency of pushout thefts tends to differ based on the type and location of stores, often surpassing the anticipated levels set by store management.

    Conservative default numbers have been prepopulated for these values. Adjust the numbers to see scenarios based on different assumptions.

    Step 2: Profitable Sales Required to Offset Loss Merchandise

    Select from the drop-down menu, the retail margin that best matches your stores. The calculator will now show the sales dollars you need to generate to offset the stolen goods. Remember that when merchandise is stolen, you don't only need to recover the margin lost from the stolen goods, but the value of the goods themselves.

    Step 3: Additional Savings Considerations

    In addition to the losses from the stolen merchandise, there are many other areas to consider when calculating your Return on Investment (ROI) for our Purchek® Solution. Additional areas of benefit to consider are explained here.

    Step 4: Connect with Gatekeeper Systems for more information

    Reach out for a no-obligation follow up contact from Gatekeeper Systems.

    Disclaimer: Savings shown are for illustrative purposes and are no guarantee. Proper evaluations to estimate your expected savings, based on similar stores and trends, are available from Gatekeeper Systems.

    Step 1

    # of Stores


    Avg # of Carts Per Store


    The average number of pushout thefts/week will vary based on the risk level of the store. A default value of 3 is a very conservative estimate.

    # of Pushouts Per Week, Per Store


    The average dollar amount of pushout merchandise will vary based on the risk level of the store. A default value of $250 is a very conservative estimate.

    Avg. Pushout Amount


    Potential Annual Merchandise Recovered with Purchek® Pushout Theft Protection:


    Step 2

    Total Sales Needed to Offset the Losses from Stolen Goods:


    Step 3

    Comprehensive Breakdown

    The preferred response to a disabled cart is the bad actor abandoning the cart, leaving the goods recoverable by store associates.

    Recovered Merchandise


    Our data shows that once the Purchek® Pushout Theft Prevention System is installed in your stores, there is an up to 80% reduction in pushout attempts, addressing repeat offender and ORC activity. Seasoned thieves are aware of our systems and avoid stores that have them installed.

    Additional Theft Deterrence


    With Gatekeeper Systems' Purchek® Technology apprehending the thieves, your store associates and other shoppers have no need to engage.

    Employee and Shopper Safety


    Loss Prevention Technology systems, like Purchek® can reduce your legal fees and claims associated with shoplifting, workman's comp, instore injuries and reduce costs associated with prosecution, litigation and court appearances.

    Legal Fees


    Purchek® Technology can reduce the amount of labor hours spent on cycle counting inventory and replenishing inventory lost to thieves. Additional labor savings can be realized in the administrative aspect of high pushout theft in your store like filing and managing incident reports. The solution can also reduce the need of greeters or security guards near your exits.

    Labor & Operational Savings


    If you've already invested in Gatekeeper Systems' Cart Containment Solution, you're already started in equipping your store for Purchek® Pushout Prevention Technology. The SmartWheel® devices installed already on your cart are the same ones utilized in the Purchek® Solution.

    Leverage Existing Gatekeeper Systems Investments


    Additional services can be added to your Purchek® System, including high resolution event reporting with transferrable videos and classification. Theft investigation services will flag repeat offenders and ORC activity and provide trend analysis.

    High Resolution Event Reporting*


    Additional trend and insight data is available, not only about your fleet of carts, but also about your store traffic and behavior insights.

    Valuable Trends and Insights*


    * Optional Service

    Step 4

    Thank You

    Thanks for providing information about your stores. We will send you a customized report that provides additional information about Gatekeeper Systems’ Purchek® Pushout Theft Protection Solution. Please connect with us directly for more detailed information.

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