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Cart Containment

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Protect Your Brand, Shopper Experience, and Sales with CartControl® System

Shopping carts are the longest point of interaction between a customer and your brand. Once your shopping cart is removed from your location, the costs start piling up to a substantial drain on your revenue. Cart loss is widespread and expensive.

Totally unnoticed, our proven CartControl® solution stops carts from ever leaving a store’s premise (interior and/or outside), saving them from abandonment, damage, or city fines. Our solution keeps your shopping carts at your location, and available for your customers while vastly reducing unnecessary environmental waste, and store operational costs.

"Carts live a hard life full of difficult work, theft, and abuse. Once taken off your property, carts are likely damaged from improper use and exposure before they are retrieved at cost to your store. Cart retrieval and maintenance is a drain on store budgets."

Rick Whidden

Director of Asset Protection, Albertsons-Safeway

Why Consider CartControl® System?


CartControl® technology stops carts from ever leaving a store’s property, reducing unnecessary environmental waste.

Positive Brand

CartControl® technology positively impacts how customers see your brand in their community.

Pleasant Shopper Experience

CartControl® technology keeps more carts available to your customers, helping increase customer satisfaction and sales.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Full ROI often within 6-18 months. CartControl® technology improves sales and reduces costs from cart loss, fines, and damage.

Food Safety

CartControl® technology prevents carts from leaving your property, reducing unnecessary contact with germs and other food contaminants.

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How CartControl® Works

Gatekeeper Systems' cart containment technology is a cutting-edge solution designed to keep your carts within the perimeter you define. This could be to the edge of your parking lot, or within your building. CartControl® eliminates municipal fines or citations and the need of costly retrieval services, while ensuring ample carts are available for your customers.

To enhance the benefit of your system, and maximize the loss prevention potential, CartControl® can be seamlessly integrated with our Purchek® technology. This powerful combination provides retailers with an all-encompassing loss prevention tool that offers multiple layers of ongoing return on investment, further solidifying your store’s safety and profitability.


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an image showing a cart in the parking lot


Cart Containment

Stop profits from rolling away

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