Empowering Sustainable Futures, Ensuring Ethical Governance

Our commitment to making a positive global impact is embedded in our purpose: to unlock the world and make it safer. We are committed to fostering innovation that drives responsibility, inclusivity, and sustainability not only at Gatekeeper Systems but throughout our supply chain. We provide our customers around the world with a broad portfolio of innovative, energy efficient and environmentally friendly loss prevention solutions. Our ESG efforts focus on continually improving how we operate, whether it be related to our business, our governance and ethics, our people, our environment, or our communities. In 2023, our commitment to addressing the key Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in our operations and product lineup was recognized with the Ecovadis Silver award for our first sustainability rating, highlighting our dedication to achieving excellence in both our operational and financial outcomes.

ESG Values

Employee Safety and Advocacy
Sustainable Products and Operations
Community/Diversity and Inclusion


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For any enquiries about ESG at Gatekeeper Systems, please contact us by email:

ethics@gatekeepersystems.com and by phone at +1 949-522-9191 (Ethics-HR)

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