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Stop chasing dangerous shoplifters and start recovering more merchandise. Purchek®, the pushout theft prevention system is a behavior-based technology that prevents merchandise from leaving your store without passing through a point of sale. No confrontation needed and no risks to take; no more pushout theft.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence harnesses the information collected from our in-store devices and presents robust reporting around system performance, theft behavior, cart usage, and system health via remote monitoring.


Cart Containment stops carts from ever leaving a store’s property, saving them from abandonment, damage, or city fines. By combining a radio frequency-enabled perimeter antenna and self-locking SmartWheels, we keep your property at your location and reduce store operation costs.

CartManager® Ultra

Retailers are always looking for ways to increase productivity. CartManager® Ultra is the solution for your employees to effortlessly collect up to 3x more carts while significantly lowering risk of injury.

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Gatekeeper Systems is proud to present our customers’ feedback about the results of using our product suite. Explore the benefits and savings enjoyed by Gatekeeper Systems’ customers, and connect with our passionate representatives to find out how we can help your business or enterprise.


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