Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collected the most commonly asked questions about Gatekeeper Systems solutions below.

What is the service response time if the system does go down?

Customers who notify Gatekeeper Systems of a system failure will receive a visit from a certified Gatekeeper Field Service Technician within 72 hours of the initial service call.

Who will provide ongoing maintenance?

Ongoing system maintenance will be provided by certified Gatekeeper Systems Field Service Technicians. In order to ensure prompt response to service requests, Gatekeeper Systems has also established relationships with several retail services contractors who are trained and certified by Gatekeeper Systems to provide the highest-quality service and maintenance.

How long does an installation take and will it affect normal operations?

Much of the installation work is performed after-hours to avoid any disruption. In cases of 24-hour store operation, every effort is made to safeguard patrons and minimize any potential disturbance. The average installation is completed in two days. Some installations require more time due to the complexity and/or scope of the implementation.

What is the range of the CartKey and is it adjustable?

The CartKey signal has a maximum signal range of four feet and a minimum signal range of 18 inches. The CartKey is designed and engineered so store personnel can quickly and easily unlock or reset Gatekeeper wheels without any manual intervention or physical strain. The maximum range was set at four feet in order to provide an optimum balance between convenience and control; setting the maximum range at greater than four feet could result in personnel inadvertently locking nearby carts.

How long does the wheel battery last and can it be replaced?

The battery installed in the SmartWheel 2.0 is a custom, ruggedized battery built to Gatekeeper specifications. This battery can be expected to last a minimum of 5+ years in normal Purchek and cart containment use. The battery is not replaceable.

What kind of warranty does the system have?

Gatekeeper Systems Purchek® and Cart Containment systems come with a comprehensive one-year parts and labor warranty covering manufactures defects. Gatekeeper Systems SmartWheel® 2.0 comes with a comprehensive one-year warranty covering manufacturers defects. The SmartWheel battery will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of installation.

Is there an extended warranty or maintenance program available?

Yes, additional warranty protection and maintenance programs are available. Please Contact a Sales Representative for further details.

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