Cart Analytics learn how to increase sales while reducing fleet size
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Free up to $60,000 in floor space

Are your carts talking to you? They should be.

Learn more about your customers from your carts.

Analytics are more popular than ever but have yet to be turn towards shopping cart fleets. Better understanding your carts will give you more control over time spent in store, purchase amounts and meeting customer service needs.

Stores rely on a decade old formula to assign cart fleets and makeups, this leads to:

Retailers need insight into fleet health and workload to properly balance maintenance and availability:

Gatekeeper's Solution

A cart based analytics system enables store management and marketing teams to optimize their store and cart fleet for the highest sales. Cart analytics presents a number of advantages for marketing and sales:

Tailor a customer's experience to their needs:

Customize your cart mixture for savings and better sales:

Right cart for the right customer:

Cart Analytics

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