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Business Intelligence

Shopper Analytics & Loss Prevention Insights

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Empower Your Decisions: Unlock Insights on Performance, Theft, and Trolley Usage with Our Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence technology harnesses the information collected from our in-store devices and provides turn-key solutions for robust reporting around system performance, shopper behavior, trolley usage, and system health.

Full solution theft investigative services solve the extreme challenge facing many retailers of collecting, managing, sorting, and classifying video data across hundreds of stores. Our services can quantify merchandise value for your reporting, identify repeat offenders or suspected ORC activity, and provide videos easily for your case management systems.

"Gatekeeper's video review team can take the heavy lifting of reviewing and classifying videos; and the system provides a convenient place to view and download them. Robust reporting provides ACTIONABLE data not just a collection of anecdotes."

Tim Hurley

Former District AP Leader for National Retail Chain

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How Business Intelligence Works

Business Intelligence provide retailers with actionable data and improves decision making capabilities. Trolleys are equipped with SmartWheel®, providing each trolley with a unique ID. This enables Gatekeeper Systems’ StorePort system to track and compile data on inventory, location, usage by type, and daily or hourly traffic.

With Business Intelligence, store managers gain insight into trolley fleet health, utilization and traffic. That allows store management to optimize budgets by responding to maintenance needs as they arise. Understanding trolley usage allows stores to tailor their fleet by removing costly underperforming trolleys and altering the composition of the fleet to match customer preferences. By tracking trolley traffic, stores can also more accurately schedule store personnel, cashiers, and retrieval.

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Total value lost due to unused trolleys on average without Gatekeeper


Increase in basket value due to doubled trolley availability

Up to 20%

% of trolley fleet not available for customer use due to trolley loss or theft
an image showing business intel on a phone and ipad


Business Intelligence

Theft Behavior Insights & Situational Awareness

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