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Pushout Prevention

Push back pushout theft with Purchek® technology

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Business Intelligence

Theft Behavior Insights & Situational Awareness

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Trolley Containment

Stop profits from rolling away

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Trolley Management

Your way to optimize labor, reduce employee accidents, liabilities and claims

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Why Gatekeeper Systems?

Today, Gatekeeper Systems® patented technology is the cornerstone of innovative loss prevention solutions and services.

Gatekeeper’s loss prevention and trolley containment solutions utilize patented locking technology to put an end to trolley-based shoplifting, shopping trolley loss, and uninformed decision-making. Trolley management solutions increase safety and reduce labor costs by maximizing productivity while simultaneously resulting in a positive store image. Business Intelligence solutions provide increased visibility for informed decision making. Increase efficiency, optimize fleet size, and perfect the entire customer shopping experience with store and enterprise-level analytics.

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Pushout Prevention

Stop pushout theft in it tracks. Invisible to customers, and always on duty, Purchek® technology is a highly effective loss prevention tool to retain merchandise, deter theft, and improve safety.

Purchek® solution stops the trolley, not the person, eliminating confrontation while reducing the opportunity for violence. Event based video classification and theft investigative services offer retail partners unique insights into daily in-store theft behaviors and valuable ROI validation.

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Business Intelligence

Theft Behavior Insights & Situational Awareness

Business Intelligence harnesses the information collected from our instore devices and presents robust reporting around system performance, theft behavior, trolley usage, and system health via remote monitoring.

Business Intelligence
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Indoor & Outdoor Trolley Retention

Trolleys should be making you money, not costing you money. Shopping trolleys are the longest single point of interaction between the customer and store’s brand. CartControl® technology automatically locks the trolleys when they move beyond a set perimeter, effectively preventing unauthorized removal. This system not only protects your valuable assets, reducing the need for trolley replacements, but also ensures that trolleys are always available for your customers, maintaining their convenience and satisfaction.

Gatekeeper Systems meet all retail store footprints, with solutions for both indoor and outdoor trolley containment.

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CartManager® Ultra

Trolley Management

The answer to safe and faster trolley collection. CartManager® Ultra is the solution for your employees to effortlessly navigate lines of shopping trolleys through car park, while increasing safety and reducing labor hours. Our versatile wheel cradle design quickly adapts to any type of trolley and allows for easy unloading.

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