At Gatekeeper Systems, we are dedicated to fostering a safer retail environment through innovative loss prevention solutions. We are proud to sponsor the “ORCAs in Action: Summer Road Trip” webinar, now available on-demand. Presented by Loss Prevention Magazine, this webinar offers an engaging and informative cross-country tour of Organized Retail Crime (ORC) partnerships, featuring some of the most successful initiatives in the fight against retail theft.

Join Industry Leaders on an ORC Journey

The webinar kicks off in New York City with NYPD Lt. Vincent Caprino and Rite Aid’s Douglas Horsting. Their groundbreaking program has revolutionized the partnership between law enforcement and retail, leading to the reclassification of thefts as felonies and a significant reduction in repeat offenses. With 7,000 arrests in three years, their success story is an inspiration.

Next, we head to Washington, D.C., to hear from Adam Parks and Freddie Taylor of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). Their relentless efforts against ORC, particularly in combating gift card fraud, showcase the critical role of federal support in this battle.

In Idaho, Ed Fritz from ORCAID updates us on the upcoming 5th Annual Western States ORC Conference. This event, hosted at eBay’s Headquarters in Draper, Utah, is a testament to the united front of retail and law enforcement professionals against ORC.

Finally, the journey concludes in New Mexico with Sergeant Donnie Hix of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department. His detailed account of OPERATION QUICK TRADE underscores the importance of advanced intelligence and community empowerment in dismantling sophisticated criminal enterprises.

Purchek® Technology: Revolutionizing Loss Prevention

As a key component of our commitment to retail security, Gatekeeper Systems’ Purchek® technology plays a vital role in preventing theft and enhancing operational efficiency. Purchek® provides real-time monitoring and intelligent analytics to help retailers detect and deter theft before it occurs. By integrating Purchek® technology with existing security measures, retailers can achieve a comprehensive loss prevention strategy that is both proactive and effective.

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This on-demand webinar is a must-watch for anyone involved in loss prevention and retail security. Register now to gain insights from these industry leaders and learn how you can contribute to the fight against ORC. Together, we can build a safer retail environment for everyone.

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