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$100,000,000 recovered by Gatekeeper Systems

External retail theft stands as an estimated $18 billion drain on the economy

This attack on retailer’s revenue and margins is fueled by

Organized Retail Crime (ORC) and opportunistic shoplifters.

Pushout Theft is the technique of choice for Organized Retail Crime (ORC) rings and everyday thieves. Pushout theft allows thieves to clear out shelves, freezers and cabinets, walking out with a shopping cart filled with stolen merchandise. It is Gatekeeper System’s estimate that most pushout theft is never recorded, with multiple unnoticed smaller thefts for every major ORC pushout theft.

Safety for your customers and staff is paramount. Confrontation between shoplifters and loss prevention professionals is unpredictable and unproductive.

Even if a stop is successful, stores can still face litigation risks. The average cost of liability litigation alone is 89x the cost of an average pushout theft.

Gatekeeper’s Solution

A cart based pushout prevention system thwarts ORC and shoplifters at the moment a theft occurs. As a thief attempts to leave, the pushout prevention system locks the cart in place keeping your merchandise in the store, with most thieves walking away empty handed. As shoplifters experience less success, professional thieves will be driven to easier targets.

This presents a number of advantages for LP professionals and store managers:

An automated pushout prevention system is your key to lowering shrink, increasing sales and improving safety at your stores.


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