Cart Management your way to Optimize Labor, Reduce Employee Accidents, Liabilities and Claims
Cart Retention

Reduction in labor hours

Cart collection is a slow, hazardous and physically demanding process.

1 in 3 workplace injuries are due to overexertion

during physically demanding tasks.

Parking lots are a hazardous place for customers and employees. Unattended carts, constant vehicle traffic and pedestrian foot traffic combine to create a real safety and liability risk for stores. A store and staff face daily issues with:

Manual shopping cart retrieval comes with risks of musculoskeletal injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) acknowledges “there are ergonomic risk factors associated with cart retrieval.”

Gatekeeper's Solution

CartManager XD represents a material advantage for Store Operations managers. CartManager XD reduces costs associated with cart retrieval, including labor hours, injury liabilities, and cart-vehicle accidents.


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