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Gatekeeper Systems® was founded in 1998 on the principles of innovation, quality, and service. Twenty years later, over 5 million carts, 51 countries, and 47 of the top 50 retailers globally are protected by Gatekeeper Systems suite of integrated and easy to use product suite.

The Gatekeeper Advantage


With twenty years of service and insight into the retail market, Gatekeeper Systems has engineered a suite of integrated products to address loss prevention, operations management and analytics. With a goal of being invisible and unobtrusive to store customers while clearly providing a quick return on investment.

“The big win with the merger is the opportunity to bring Gatekeeper’s Purchek and Carttronics’ Pops systems into one fully-networked, push-out theft prevention product line,” says Paul. “We are also working on advancements that will decrease installation footprint and impacts to retail.” - Paul Kammerer, Director of Technical Services


Gatekeeper Systems has had a 20 year commitment to setting the standard in cost-effective technologies for loss prevention, asset management and store optimization. Gatekeeper Systems®’ patented SmartWheel, an active RFID-enabled self-locking shopping cart wheel, is the cornerstone of a flexible, modular approach to implementation, enabling Gatekeeper to effectively address the evolving needs of our expanding customer base.

Gatekeeper brings smart innovation with the most durable hardware technologies to push the loss prevention industry into new places.” - Evan Lawson, Business Development Officer

Customer Service

From day one, Gatekeeper has understood that long-term success depends on building strong customer relationships. That's why we back every product with a comprehensive Manufacturer's Warranty, 24-hour toll-free customer support, and rapid service response.

Already Gatekeeper Systems has extended customer service hours, instituted more active account system monitoring, and is proactively contacting clients to avoid service calls. Any time we can troubleshoot issues over the phone and avoid sending out a truck improves our clients’ ROI,” - Lori Galvin, Account Relationship Manager

Tech Support

Gatekeeper’s highly-trained Field Service Technicians bring years of proven experience, professionalism, and commitment to quality to every installation and service visit. Gatekeeper's expert in-house technicians, combined with some of the finest third-party retail service providers, form a nationwide network that guarantees the level of service and support essential to ensuring the satisfaction of our valued customers.

“We have fantastic and experienced field technicians, each goes through a six month training program. Most technicians have been with us for over five years, some are celebrating their ten and fifteen year anniversaries with Gatekeeper. You can trust experience like that. Our technicians come from complimentary fields like traffic control, security systems, IT, and former military.” - Paul Kammerer, Director of Technical Services


Gatekeeper Systems Inc. product suite of intelligent cart solutions offers retailers innovative technology for stores to minimize merchandise loss and reduce asset and labor expenditures. To learn more about our patented technology, click here.

“With the merger of Carttronics into Gatekeeper, clients will see a real leap to a fully networked, real-time system that is less disruptive to install,” says Mike. “Anywhere in the world that there are carts, Gatekeeper’s system can flex and will keep merchandise from leaving the store.” - Mike James, Principal Systems Engineer

Customer Management

Gatekeeper Systems has managed installations in 51 countries, with five million carts managed and installations with 47 of the top 50 retailers worldwide. Our Relationship managers have guided customers, whether they be small grocery stores or big box retailers, through installations in every type of retail environments including multi-story buildings, shared lots, internal and external lock lines. Our Relationship Managers have extensive experience with facility and maintenance systems such as ServiceChannel, SAP Ariba, Oracle and more.

“We have years of experience working with portals such as Service Channel and Ariba and we are always open to utilizing new systems and technologies. We are focused on clear communication, faster maintenance, better support, and saving customer’s time.” - Kaz Uyesugi, Invoice Systems Analyst

Brand Identity Change

For 2018, Gatekeeper Systems launched a new corporate logo, marking the most dramatic change in its visual identity since 2000. Using an updated version of the company’s iconic “G” mark, a new cobalt blue color with accents of grey, the logo better reflects the corporate brand today as it heads toward its twenty year anniversary in 2018.

Designed in collaboration with Reason, the new visual identity presents the company as modern and evolving, reflects the strength and direction of its solution portfolio, and underscores our commitment to loss prevention, store operations, and retail marketing.




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