2023 Fraud Awards – Retail Risk Leicester – Oct 5th

Congratulations, Team UK! We are truly honoured to have been shortlisted at the 2023 Fraud Awards for The Retail Risk Sustainability Awards, recognizing our cart retention solution! We are competing against some remarkable businesses in our industry for this prestigious award.


From environmentally friendly packaging to food waste initiatives and restoration efforts, numerous food retailers in the UK have been actively showcasing their commitment to ecology and sustainability. Shockingly, more than 6 million shopping trolleys mysteriously vanish each year. Here at Gatekeeper Systems, Inc., we make a daily contribution towards a healthier environment, and we are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that reduce unnecessary environmental waste while saving you both time and money.


Our CartControl® solution prevents trolleys from ever leaving a store's premises, sparing them from abandonment, damage, or potential fines from local authorities. Our solution ensures your shopping trolleys remain readily available for your customers, all while significantly reducing store operational costs and eliminating needless environmental waste.


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