2022 Fraud Awards - Retail Risk Leicester – October 6th

We are truly honored to have been shortlisted at the 2022 Fraud Awards for The Retail Risk Sustainability Awards for our cart retention solution and for Most Innovative Physical Retail Risk Management Solution for the pushout prevention solution!  We are up against some incredible businesses in our industry for those two awards. 

From environmentally friendly packaging to food waste initiative and restoration efforts, many food retailers have come to highlight their own ecology and sustainability efforts. More than 6 million shopping trolleys “disappear” every year. At Gatekeeper Systems, Inc., we contribute every day for a better environment, and we aim to develop innovative solution to reduce unnecessary environmental waste while saving your time and money. Our proven CartControl® solution stops trolleys from ever leaving a store’s property, saving them from abandonment, damage, or city fines. Our solution helps keep your shopping trolleys at your location, and available for your customers while vastly reducing store operational costs and eliminating unnecessary environmental waste.
Our Purchek® System halts trolley push-outs by locking the trolleys wheels. Our solution doesn’t just alert you of theft, it physically intervenes.

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 We will be attending the Retail Risk Conference in Leicester on October 6th. 

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