Cart Ordinances

Concord, CA

Concord, CA
Section 62-137: Plan for prevention of cart removal required.
a) Every owner who allows or intends to allow the use of carts outside the building of a business shall develop and implement a specific plan to prevent customers from removing carts from the business premises. The plan must include the following elements:
(Code 1965, § 3146; Ord. No. 95-10; Ord. No. 99-4)
1) Notice to customers. Written notification shall be provided to customers that removal of carts from the premises and parking lots is prohibited and a violation of state and local law. This notice may be provided in the form of flyers, warnings on shopping bags, or any form of written notification that will effectively notify customers of the prohibition;
(Code 1965, § 3146; Ord. No. 99-4)
2) Signs. Signs shall be placed in pertinent places as required by section 62-133;
(Code 1965, § 3146; Ord. No. 99-4)
3) Physical measures. Specific physical measures shall be implemented to prevent the cart removal from the business premises. These measures may include, but are not limited to, disabling devices on all carts, posting of a security guard to deter and stop customers who attempt to remove carts from the business premises, allowing no carts outside the building of the business unless in the company of an employee, bollards and chains around business premises to prevent cart removal, security deposits required for use of all carts,or the rental or sale of carts that can be temporarily or permanently used for the transport of purchases

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