Cart Ordinances


Wayne, MI

(a) No person shall remove a shopping cart from the premises of any shop, store, grocery or supermarket in the City, regardless of any intention to convert such cart to his or her own use. However, "premises" shall be construed to include an adjacent public parking lot. A "shopping cart" shall be construed to mean any rolling or nonrolling basket or container, such as is used in shops, stores, groceries and supermarkets.

(b) No person shall use, possess, or abandon a shopping cart, that has been taken from a shop, store, grocery or supermarket, on a street, alley or other place in the City.

(c) A shopping cart found abandoned on a street, alley or public place in the City may be impounded by the Department of Public Works, which shall then notify the owner thereof. Such carts may be reclaimed by the owner upon payment of a fee as set forth in Chapter 210 of the Administration Code. Thirty days after notice to the owner, an unclaimed cart may be disposed of by the City. Carts that are unidentifiable as to ownership may be disposed of by the City thirty days after impounding.

(Ord. 33. Passed 12-3-68; Ord. 2004-01. Passed 2-17-04.)

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