Cart Ordinances

Lower Merion

Lower Merion, PA

§ 130-1. Control of removal of carts from premises required; abandonment prohibited.
No merchant in the Township of Lower Merion shall by any act of omission or commission permit or in any way fail to control or restrict the removal from his premises of any shopping cart which may be made available by him to any customer; and no person shall abandon any shopping cart so provided upon any street or any other public place in this township.

§ 130-2. Identification disc required.
All merchants who shall make shopping carts available to their customers shall at all times have firmly affixed to such carts a metal, plastic or similarly suitable identification disc or plate which shall contain the name of the merchant and the address of the building in this township where such cart is regularly kept or stored. In the event that any such identification disc or plate on any shopping cart shall be removed or missing or be defaced so as to be illegible, the owner thereof shall at once remove the cart from availability for use by his customers until the cart has been properly identified as required herein.

§ 130-3. Carts found in public places deemed to have been abandoned.
Any shopping cart which is found by any police officer or other township employee upon any street, highway, sidewalk, shopping center or any other public place in this township shall be deemed to have been abandoned by the owner thereof.

§ 130-4. Violations and penalties. [Amended 9-21-1977 by Ord. No. 1802; 8-3-1988 by Ord. No. 3104]
Any merchant or person who shall violate the provisions of this chapter shall be subject to prosecution before any District Justice and, upon conviction thereof, shall pay a fine or penalty of not more than $600 to and for use by the Township of Lower Merion. Prosecution shall be instituted hereunder on complaint of a police officer or other township employee, and each shopping cart which is found to have been abandoned shall constitute a separate violation of the provisions hereof.

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