Cart Ordinances

Cockrell Hill, TX

Cockrell Hill, TX

Section 98.03: Offense.
a) It shall be unlawful for any person to leave or abandon a shopping cart at a location other than the premise of the retail establishment that owns or provides the cart.

Section 98.04: Requirements.
a) An owner of a business establishment providing shopping carts to its customers may, without obtaining a sign permit, post signs in both English and Spanish that inform custoemrs that the removal of a shopping cart from the premises is prohibited, constitutes a violation of the ordinances of the City of Cockrell Hill, Texas and is punishable of a fine not to exceed $500.00 per offense. Signs may be posted at each entrance to the premise and in a conspicuous place near the business establishment's entrance/exit doors.

Section 98.05: Retrieval and Impoundment by the City.
a) The City may retrieve and impound any abandoned shopping cart located on public or private property other than the premises of the business that owns or provided the shopping cart. A shopping cart recovered by the City will be released to the owner, or his desginee upon payment to the city of a recovery of $50.00 per shopping cart.

Section 98.06: Disposal of Abandoned Shopping Carts.
a) Shopping carts impounded shall be held for a period as determined by the City Administrator or his designee for a period of time of not more than thirty (30) days to allow for retrieval by the owner or his designee. Shopping carts not reclaimed by the owner within thirty (30) days of impondment shall be sold or disposed of by the City.

Section 98.07: Enforcewment Authority.
a) The City Administrator of his designee shall have the authority and powers neccessary to determine whether a violation of this chapter exists and to take appropriate action to gain compliance with the provisions of this chapter and any applicable state.

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