Cart Ordinances

Ocoee, FL

Ocoee, FL
§ 140-2. Abandonment of shopping carts; impoundment.
A. No shopping cart shall be abandoned, discarded or permitted to remain on any public property or vacant lot within the city.
B. All shopping carts that are abandoned, discarded or otherwise permitted to remain on public property or any vacant lot within the city shall be removed and impounded by the City Public Works Department. The shopping carts shall be impounded at the city's impound garage or such other place as the city shall designate.
§ 140-3. Reclamation of impounded shopping carts.
The owner of any shopping cart impounded by the city may claim the shopping cart for a period of up to six months after the date of impoundment by paying a fee of twenty-five dollars and forty cents ($25.40) for the cost to the city for the removal of the shopping cart, plus a charge of $2 per day for each day the shopping cart is in storage. After a period of six months after the date of impoundment of the shopping cart, the city may sell the unclaimed shopping cart at a public auction as unclaimed property or dismantle, destroy or otherwise dispose of such shopping cart as the city deems appropriate.
§ 140-4. Notice.
Whenever the city shall remove and impound any shopping cart, a notice shall be sent via ordinary United States Mail by the Public Works Department to the owner of the impounded shopping cart. The notice shall state that the shopping cart has been impounded by the city and the date of impoundment and advise the owner of the address of the location where the shopping cart is stored, the fee and costs for removal and storage of the shopping cart and the procedure to reclaim the shopping cart from the city. The notice will also advise the owner that the shopping cart must be reclaimed within six months after the date of impoundment, or the unclaimed shopping cart may be sold at public auction as unclaimed property or dismantled, destroyed or otherwise disposed of as the city deems appropriate. In the event that the shopping cart does not contain the name and address of the owner of the cart as set forth in § 140-1 above, the city shall not be required to send such notice.

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