Cart Management your way to Optimize Labor, Reduce Employee Accidents, Liabilities and Claims
Cart Retention

Reduction in labor hours

Cart collection is a slow, hazardous and physically demanding process.

1 in 3 workplace injuries are due to overexertion

during physically demanding tasks.

Parking lots are a hazardous place for customers and employees. Unattended carts, constant vehicle traffic and pedestrian foot traffic combine to create a real safety and liability risk for stores. A store and staff face daily issues with:

Manual shopping cart retrieval comes with risks of musculoskeletal injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) acknowledges “there are ergonomic risk factors associated with cart retrieval.”

Gatekeeper's Solution

CartManager® Ultra represents a material advantage for Store Operations managers. CartManager Ultra reduces costs associated with cart retrieval, including labor hours, injury liabilities, and cart-vehicle accidents.

CartManager® Ultra

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