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Wasco, CA
9.32.010 Public nuisance--Declaration.

The accumulation and storage of dismantled or abandoned laundry and shopping carts or parts thereof on public or private property on any parcel of land within the city is defined as and declared to be a public nuisance which is injurious to or potentially dangerous to the public health, safety and welfare by having a tendency to degrade the appearance of the community and constitutes a danger and hazard when on public passageways to pedestrians, bicyclists and operators of motorized vehicles; that the carts also constitute an attractive nuisance, creating a hazard to the health and safety of minors. (Ord. 409 § 1, 1996).

9.32.030 Removal from parking facility.

No person shall remove or cause to be removed any laundry or shopping cart from a parking facility without prior written consent of the business establishment furnishing such cart. (Ord. 409 § 3, 1996).

9.32.040 Identification.

All laundry and shopping carts shall display identification thereon containing the name of the establishment it belongs to. (Ord. 409 § 4, 1996).

9.32.050 Removal.

All business establishments furnishing laundry or shopping carts for its customers shall post a sign within ten feet of all customer entrances and exits stating substantially the following:


Wasco Municipal Code Section 9.32.030

Said sign shall be not less then eighteen inches in width and twenty-four inches in height, with block lettering not less than one-half inch in width and two inches in height. (Ord. 409 § 5, 1996).

9.32.060 Abatement and storage.

The city manager shall have the authority to remove any abandoned laundry or shopping cart on public property immediately if such cart constitutes an immediate safety hazard or if the cart has been on the public way or private property for twenty-four hours unattended.

The provisions of this section shall not apply to shopping carts left standing on private property of the owner of the shopping cart according to the name of the owner affixed thereto as required.

Within ten days of the removal of any abandoned laundry or shopping cart, the city manager shall provide notice to any known owner thereof by mail at the owner’s last known address. The notice shall include the date and location of removal of the laundry or shopping cart from the public or private property, procedure for recovering such cart, and last possible date such cart may be recovered. (Ord. 409 § 6, 1996).

9.32.070 Assessment of costs for removal and storage.

Any abandoned laundry or shopping cart removed from public or private property and stored pursuant to this ordinance shall be released to the lawful owner if claimed within thirty days after such removal, and upon payment of reasonable redemption fees. The redemption fee for the removal and storage shall be established by resolution of the city council, and shall include the cost of removal, storage, and related administrative procedures. (Ord. 409 § 7, 1996).

9.32.080 Disposal of unclaimed carts.

Any abandoned laundry or shopping cart not claimed within thirty days, as aforesaid, may be sold at public auction or otherwise disposed of. Any proceeds derived from such auction or disposal shall be used for the cost of removal, storage, and related administrative procedures. Surplus proceeds from such auction or disposal shall be deposited in the general fund of the city. (Ord. 409 § 8, 1996).

9.32.090 Penalty.

Any person violating the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. (Ord. 409 § 9, 1996).

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