Cart Ordinances


Warren, MI
Sec. 34-5. Shopping carts.

(a) Definitions. The following terms, whenever used or referred to in this section, shall have the following respective meanings, which definitions shall apply in the interpretation and enforcement of this section unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context:
Cart means any rolling or non-rolling basket or container commonly used in so-called supermarkets or self-service stores.
Property means and includes any cart.
Store means and includes any individual store, chain store and/or supermarket.
(b) Removal from premises. It shall be unlawful for any person to take or use without authority any cart from the premises of any store, without intent to steal the same.
(c) Abandoning carts on public ways. It shall be unlawful for any person to abandon or suffer to be abandoned any cart, from any store or supermarket, on any street, highway, alley, boulevard or public place within the city.
(d) Metallic tag required. It shall be unlawful for any person to provide carts for patrons' use on the store premises, unless such carts bear thereon a welded metallic tag denoting the name of the owner.
(e) Impounding of abandoned carts. Whenever any cart is found abandoned on any street, highway, boulevard, alley or other public place in the city, the property shall be impounded by the police, who shall notify the owner thereof, who may reclaim the same by the payment of five dollars ($5.00). If the property is not reclaimed in a reasonable time, not to exceed thirty (30) days, it shall be disposed of as unclaimed property in the manner provided by section 26-41 et seq.
(Code 1967, § 7-140)

Sec. 34-6. Planking and paving required at crossings.
Every railroad company shall cause its tracks, where the tracks cross any public way in the city, to be properly planked or paved upon both sides of the tracks and between the rails at an even level with the top of the rails at such crossings.
(Ord. No. 80-626, § 4, 3-14-06)

Sec. 34-7 Penalty.
The violation of any provision of Article I is a municipal civil infraction which shall result in the assessment of a fine of not less than one hundred dollars ($100.00) or more than one thousand ($1,000.00) per violation plus costs and other sanctions for each infraction.
(Ord. No. 80-626, § 2, 3-14-06)
Secs. 34-8--34-25. Reserved.

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