Cart Ordinances


Suisun, CA
Section 9.28.020: Cart Identification Required.
a) Every cart provided by an owner must have a sign permanently affixed to the cart that contains all of the following information:
1) The identity of the owner of the cart;
2) The address and phone number of the owner or retailer for cart return;
3) A statement that the removal of the cart from the premises is a violation of state law and this chapter of the Suisun City Municipal Code; and
4) The procedure for authorized removal of the cart from the premises.
Section 9.28.050: Posted Notice.
a) There shall be posted by the owner, prominently and conspicuously, at all public entrances and exits to the business, a notice in substantially the following form: REMOVAL OF SHOPPING CARTS (or laundry carts; or other types of carts; if applicable) IS PROHIBITED BY LAW AND SHALL SUBJECT THE VIOLATOR TO A MINIMUM OF FIFTY DOLLARS.
Section 9.28.060: Abandoned Cart Prevention Plan.
a) Every owner who allows or intends to allow the use of carts outside a building or enclosed area of a business shall develop, implement, and comply with an abandoned cart prevention plan.
1) The plan must include, at a minimum, the following information:
I) The name of the business, address and phone number of the premises where the business is conducted and the address and phone number of the cart owner, if different;
II) A procedure for providing notification to customers that removal of carts from the premises is prohibited and a violation of state and local law in addition to the notice required under Sections 9.28.020 and Section 9.28.050. This notice may be provided in the forms of flyers, a warning on shopping bags, or any form of written notification that will effectively notify customers of the prohibition;
III) A description of the physical measures that will be implemented to prevent the removal of carts from the premises. Physical measures include, but are not limited to: devices on carts that prevent their removal from the premises; posting of a designated employee or security guard to deter and stop customers from removing carts from the premises, prohibiting carts outside the building of the business unless accompanied by an employee; and
IV) A procedure for the retrieval of abandoned carts by its employees, or proof that the owner has entered into a contract for cart retrieval services that has been approved by the department head.
b) Two or more businesses may collaborate and submit a single plan.
Section 9.28.090: Violation.
a) Any person violating any provision of this chapter shall be guilty of an infraction in accordance with Chapter 1.08 of the Suisun City Municipal Code.

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