Cart Ordinances


Rome, NY

Sec. 18-336. Removal from business premises prohibited.
No person shall remove nor shall any owner or merchant permit to be removed from business premises shopping carts which are identified or made available for use at such business premises. Moreover, it shall be unlawful for any owner of shopping carts or merchant making carts available for use to permit any carts to be left unattended or abandoned on any public street or any place off or away from the merchant's business premises.
(Code 1966, § 19-30)

Sec. 18-337. Identification required.
All merchants who make shopping carts available to their patrons shall firmly affix to and at all times maintain in legible condition on each of such carts a metal, plastic or similarly suitable identification tag or plate, which shall identify the respective merchant by the name of the merchant and the address where each such shopping cart is regularly housed or used. If for any reason such identification on any cart is thereafter removed, missing or illegible, the merchant shall remove such shopping cartfrom availability for use by patrons of such merchant until the shopping cart has been properly identified in accordance with this article.
(Code 1966, § 19-31)

Sec. 18-338. Impoundment; disposition of unclaimed carts.
Shopping carts abandoned in any of the prohibited areas described in this article may be picked up by the city and retained by it in any storage facility available for such purpose. The carts may be released to the owner thereof upon the payment to the city of a fee listed in the schedule of fees in appendix B to this Code. Carts found shall be stored by the city for the calendar month in which they are picked up. When, at the end of the month, any such carts remain unclaimed or when a cart impounded has no identification tag or plate, the city shall dispose of the carts as permitted by law, without liability to itself.
(Code 1966, § 19-32)

Sec. 18-339. Violations and penalties.
A person who violates this article shall, upon conviction, be subject to the penalty as provided in section 1-15.
(Code 1966, § 19-33)

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