Cart Ordinances


Montebello, CA
Section 9.12.060: Unauthorized Removal, Use or Possession of Shopping Carts.
a) Removal. No person shall remove any shopping cart, shopping basket, or other similar device, (hereinafter referred to as "shopping cart") from the premises or parking area of any business establishment utilizing such shopping carts, if such shopping cart has permanently affixed to it a sign which:
1) Identifies such shopping cart as belonging to the owner or operator of such business establishment; and
2) A notice to the effect that such shopping cart is not to be removed from the owner's premises.
b) Abandonment. No person shall abandon, deposit or leave any such shopping cart, which has been removed from the owner's premises, upon any public street, alley, sidewalk, parkway or other public place, nor upon any private property except that of the owner of such cart.
c) Possession. No person shall have in his possession any shopping cart which has been removed from the premises of any business establishment operated by the owner of the cart and which has permanently affixed to it a sign as referred to in subsection A of this section.
d) Alteration. No person shall alter, or tamper with any shopping cart, or remove any part thereof, without the owner's written consent.
e) Exception. The provisions of this section shall not apply to the owner of any shopping cart, nor to such owner's agents or employees.

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