Cart Ordinances

La Mesa

La Mesa, CA
Section 10.14.020: Findings and Purpose.
a) The city council finds that abandoned shopping carts are increasingly pervasive in the community, litter the parkways and curbs of the city, create potential safety hazards to the public, and interfere with pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The accumulation of wrecked and dismantled abandoned shopping carts on public and private property tends to diminish property values and promote blight in the overall community.
b) The purpose of this chapter is to ensure that business owners take measures to prevent the removal of shopping carts from the business site and to facilitate retrieval of abandoned shopping carts in a manner consistent with state law.
Section 10.14.040: Applicability.
a) This chapter shall apply to all owners of business establishments or other commercial services within city limits who provide shopping carts for customer use or the public.
Section 10.14.050: Abandonment Prohibited.
a) It shall be unlawful for any person to cause or permit any cart to be abandoned on or upon any sidewalk, street or other public area, or upon private property, other than the premises of the owner of such cart.
b) It shall be unlawful for a business knowingly to have on its premises for the use of its customers, shopping carts identified on the carts as belonging to a different business owner.
Section 10.14.070: Unauthorized Removal Prohibited.
a) It shall be unlawful for any person, either temporarily or permanently, to remove a cart from a business premises, or be in possession of a cart that has been removed from a business premises which is properly identified in conformity with this chapter, without the written consent of the owner. This section shall not apply to carts removed as authorized by the owner for the purpose of repair, maintenance or disposal.
Section 10.14.160: Enforcement.
a) Every owner shall comply with the provisions of this chapter and every provision of the owner's approved abandoned cart prevention plan.
b) Any owner who violates any provision of this chapter or any provision of the owner's approved abandoned cart prevention plan shall be subject to enforcement procedures for each violation through any lawful means available to the city, including, without limitation, those set forth in California Business and Professions Code Section 22435.7, as well as institution of administrative remedies in accordance with Section 1.01.080 of the La Mesa Municipal Code.

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