Cart Ordinances

Garden City

Garden City, NY

§ 170-2. Leaving of carts in public places.
It shall be unlawful for any person, his agent or employee to leave or to suffer or permit to be left any cart, shopping cart, wagon or other similar movable vehicle or device of any description whatsoever, either owned by him or in his possession, custody or control, upon any public place.
§ 170-3. Removal by village.
The Director of Public Works of the village shall remove or cause to be removed any such property found upon any public place and shall take same or cause same to be taken to property or premises of the village where same shall be held until redeemed or sold, as hereinafter provided.
§ 170-4. Notice to owner to redeem.
Whenever the Director of Public Works shall take and hold any property containing identification of ownership or right to possession, a notice shall be sent by mail or delivered to such person, advising that such property is held by the Director of Public Works and advising the amount necessary to redeem such property.
§ 170-6. Redemption prior to sale.
Such property may be redeemed by the owner or custodian thereof at any time prior to the sale thereof or the dismantling or otherwise disposal thereof, by tendering to the Clerk of the village, at his office during regular business hours, the sum of ten dollars ($10.) per cart, shopping cart, wagon or other similar movable vehicle or device, plus the sum of one dollar ($1.) per day for each day or part thereof over two (2) that each such item of property is held by the Director of Public Works. In addition, the person seeking to redeem shall be required to pay the pro rata cost of advertising the sale of such property, if any. Any return of property by the Clerk to a person pursuant hereto shall be an absolute defense to the village against any other person claiming to be entitled thereto.
§ 170-8. Liability of owner for charges.
In addition to the penalties provided in Chapter 1, General Provisions, Article II, Penalties for Offenses, of this Code, any fees for redemption of impounded property or costs of sale shall be chargeable to an owner or person entitled to possession of impounded property, as provided herein.
§ 170-1. Definitions.
For the purpose of this chapter, certain words are defined as follows:

PERSON — Includes natural persons, corporations, partnerships, associations, firms, societies and all other organizations or entities.


PUBLIC PLACE — Includes a street, avenue, road, alley, lane, highway, boulevard, concourse, driveway, culvert, crosswalk, every class of road, square, place and municipal parking field used by or set aside for the general public.

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