Cart Ordinances

North Little Rock

8.1.1 Intent. It is the intent of this Code to prevent and abate nuisances within the municipal boundaries of the City of North Little Rock. For the purposes of this Code, the word "nuisance" is defined as any act, omission, or property condition that is detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the public in that it:
(A) Injures or endangers the comfort, repose, health or safety of others;
(B) Offends decency;
(C) Is offensive to the senses;
(D) Unlawfully interferes with, obstructs or tends to obstruct, or renders dangerous for passage any public or private street, highway, sidewalk, stream, ditch or drainage;
(E) In any way renders other persons insecure in life or the use of property; or
(F) Essentially interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life and property, or tends to depreciate the value of the property of others.
8.1.2 Prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any person or entity to cause, permit, maintain or allow the creation or maintenance of a nuisance within the City of North Little Rock. Shopping carts. Code Enforcement Officers shall have the authority to seize any shopping cart that is left unattended on any public streets, sidewalks, drains, ditches, utilities, easements, or other right-of-ways. Any cart so seized shall be removed to a City storage site where it may be reclaimed by the owner. Any person seeking to reclaim a seized shopping cart and offering proof of ownership (such as a label on the shopping cart), may obtain custody of the shopping cart after paying an administrative reclamation fee of $25 per cart. Any person who is aggrieved by the actions of a Code Enforcement Officer under this subsection may appeal the same pursuant to Section 9 of Article I.

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