Cart Ordinances

Endicott, NY

Endicott, NY
Chapter 204: Shopping Carts

204-3 Abandonment prohibited.
No person shall abandon a shopping cart in or upon any public place within the Village of Endicott.

204-4 Penalties for offenses.
Any person violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of a violation and, upon conviction thereof of a first offense, shall be punishable by a fine not exceeding $25 and, upon conviction thereof for each subsequent violation, shall be punishable by a fine not exceeding $50.

204-5 Shopping carts to be marked.
Every person, firm, corporation or other entity who makes a shopping cart available to the public shall mark said cart or cause said cart to be marked and identified conspicuously with the name and address of the owner. Such identification shall be in the form of a metal tag securely fastened to the cart by a cutting or stamping on the frame of the cart or by another permanent marker that clearly provides the required information.

204-6 Removal of shopping carts from establishments.
In addition to and not in limitation of any other provision of this chapter, it shall be unlawful for any person to remove a shopping cart or permit the removal of a shopping cart from the property of the establishment or business that makes said cart available, except that such a cart may be removed to a parking area adjoining the property of said establishment or business.

204-7 Carts found in public places.
In addition to and not in limitation of any other provision of this chapter, the Commissioner of Public Works or Code Enforcement Officer shall have the authority to remove or cause to be removed any shopping cart found in any public place and to hold said cart in his possession until redeemed or otherwise disposed of in accordance with this chapter.

204-8 Redemption of shopping carts.
Whenever the Commission of Public Works or Code Enforcement Officer shall remove and hold a shopping cart as stated in 204-7, he shall, within a reasonable time thereafter, mail a notice to the owner at the address shown on the shopping cart’s identification tag or stamp. Such notice shall state that each held shopping cart may be redeemed by the owner upon payment to the Village’s Treasurer the sum of $30 per cart and shall set forth the times and places where such cart or carts may be redeemed. Payment for redemption shall be made to the Village Treasurer and a receipt shall be given thereof, and said receipt shall entitle the holder to redeem said cart or carts at the place where they are held. The Village Treasurer shall have the authority to require reasonable identification to demonstrate any person’s proof of ownership or right to possession.

204-9 Disposal of unredeemed carts.
Any shopping carts which remain unredeemed by their owner after the mailing of a notice as provided in 204-8 and after the passing of a reasonable time thereafter may be sold by the Village at public auction. Any cart may be redeemed by the owner at any time prior to such public auction. Any unredeemed cart which fails to sell at a public auction may be destroyed or otherwise disposed by the Village.

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