Cart Ordinances

Springfield, MA

Springfield, MA

Section 7.16.135: Shopping Carts prohibited off the property of owner thereof.
a) All supermarkets, retail and discount stores, and any other businesses which provide shopping carts for the use and convenience of their customers shall comply with the following requirements in order to prevent the disposal of the carts as waste or litter interfering with the use of public and private property including bodies of water:
1) Every shopping cart used on any premises must have permanently affixed thereto the name, address and telephone number of the store or business by whom it is being utilized.
2) Shopping carts so identified may not be utilized off of the private property belonging to the store identified thereon. Signs informing the public of this requirement shall be prominently located at the entrance and exit from the store or business.
3) A store or business utilizing such carts shall be responsible for taking proper action to insure that carts are not removed from its property in violation of this Ordinance.
b) Any shopping cart that is found on any public property other than that of the business utilizing same shall be immediately removed from said property. by said business upon notification. Any costs expended by any City department in the removal of said cart shall be paid by the business responsible for the cart. Additionally, for any cart found on public property a fine of $50.00 may be assessed against said business for its failure to comply with the requirement of paragraph A3 of this section.

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