Cart Ordinances

Revere, MA

Revere, MA
8.04.035 Abandoned shopping carts.

A. Litter. Shopping carts left unattended and abandoned on public property or rights-of-way shall, for the purpose of this section be deemed litter.

B. Removal and Redemption. The superintendent of the department of public works may cause shopping carts left unattended and abandoned on public areas to be removed to a designated location. Owners may redeem said shopping carts upon proof of ownership and payment of all city costs which shall not exceed twenty-five dollars for each shopping cart removed and stored by the city.

C. Disposal. Carts not redeemed within thirty days of notification by the city shall be sold at auction or disposed of if not saleable.

D. Notice. When possible, the superintendent of the department of public works, shall give notice to the owners of shopping carts, if known, that the city has removed said unattended and abandoned carts from the public way to a designated area along with the procedure and time schedule for reclamation of said carts prior to disposal.

E. Identification. All businesses located within the city that use shopping carts shall place a distinguishing mark on their shopping carts to identify the cart as belonging to the particular business.
(C.O. 97-544 § 1)

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