Cart Ordinances

Gretna, LA

Gretna, LA

An ordinance amending, supplementing and replacing Section 66-12.
Removal of shopping carts of the Gretna Code of Ordinances.
Sec. 66-12 Removal of shopping carts is amended, supplemented and replaced as
(1) Same--Responsibilities of merchants.
(a) Cart identification.
No merchant, corporate or otherwise, shall provide shopping carts for use of its customers without first affixing thereto permanent, immovable identification setting forth the name of the merchant.
(b) Permitting customers to take carts off premises.
Any merchant who shall directly or indirectly permit or suffer his customers to take such cards off the premises of such merchant shall be responsible under this article if the carts are abandoned or otherwise left on public streets, public property, or on private property, without the express consent of the owner or tenant thereof.
(2) Same--Impoundment of abandoned carts; redemption by owner.
(a) Removal, redemption, destruction and notice.
Any such carts abandoned or otherwise located outside the premises or parking area of a retail establishment on public streets, public property, or on private property, without the express consent of the property owner or tenant thereof, may be seized and impounded by the City of Gretna Public Works Department. The City shall notify owner, as specified herein, that the City has possession of said carts, which may be reclaimed by the owner or his agent. Any cart not reclaimed by the owner or his or her agent after a period of thirty (30) days, shall become the property of the City of Gretna and shall be disposed of, unless the original owner thereof shall claim them from the City within such period and pay the sum of five dollars ($5.00) for each such cart to cover minimal retrieval cost and, in addition thereto, one dollar ($1.00) per day for storage of each cart. The storage fee shall begin upon notification to the owner and/or manager/assistant manager via hand-delivery that the City has possession of said cart(s).
(b) Carts with identification.
Whenever the City of Gretna shall take any cart containing identification of ownership into it's possession, a notice shall be sent by the department by hand-delivery to such person or business advising that such cart is held by the City and that the cart may be retrieved within thirty (30) days, provided the retrieval and storage fees specified herein are paid. Such cart may be redeemed by the owner thereof at any time prior to the sale, dismantling, destruction or disposal thereof, and they shall be entitled to receive such cart upon the payment of such sum. The City will notify merchant, via the aforesaid hand-delivery of the location and operational hours of the storage facility, where they may redeem their carts.
(c) Retrieval and storage fees.
All retrieval and storage fees shall be distributed to and used by the City to offset the costs of administering and enforcing this ordinance.
(d) Carts without identification.
Whenever the City shall take any cart without identification of ownership into its possession, said cart shall become the property of the City and disposed of.

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