Cart Ordinances

Campbell, CA

Campbell, CA
Section 6.05.050: Abandonment prohibited.
a) It is unlawful for any person, or agent thereof, to leave or permit to be left, any cart either owned by him/her/it or in his/her/its possession, custody or control, upon any public or private property except the premises of the business establishment itself.
Section 6.05.060: Cart signage required.
a) Any cart owned or provided by any business establishment in the city must have a sign permanently affixed to it that contains the following information:
1) Identity of owner of the cart and name of the business establishment;
2) Notifies the public that removal of the cart from the premises is a violation of state law and the Campbell Municipal Code;
3) Provides a telephone number to call to report location of abandoned cart;
4) Identifies an address for returning the cart to the owner or the business establishment;
5) Such other information authorized by applicable law.
Section 6.05.070: Unauthorized cart removal.
a) It is unlawful to either temporarily or permanently remove a cart from the premises or parking area of the business establishment that provided the cart without the express prior written consent of the owner or on-duty manager of the business establishment.
b) It is unlawful to be in possession of a cart that has been removed from the premises or the parking area of a business establishment.
c) This section does not apply to carts that are removed for the purposes of repair or maintenance authorized by the owner.
Section 6.05.080: Owners responsibility.
a) The owner shall be responsible for the removal and disposition of the abandoned cart as provided by this chapter. Any owner who fails to retrieve abandoned carts in accordance with this chapter in excess of three times during the same six-month period, shall be subject to a fifty dollar fine for each occurrence.
Section 6.05.090: Notification for retrieval of abandoned carts.
a) Pursuant to Business and Professions Code Section 22435.7, the city shall provide actual notice to the owner of any abandoned carts owned or used by the business establishment that have been located within the city. The owner shall have three business days from the date the notification is given, to retrieve the carts. If the location of the cart impedes emergency service, then the three-business-day notification will not apply and the city may immediately retrieve the shopping cart from private or public property.
(Ord. 1991 §1(part), 2000).

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