Cart Ordinances

Azusa, CA

Azusa, CA
ORDINANCE NUMBER: 00-01, § 1, 2-7-00
Section 46-256: Identification and retrieval program--Required.
a) Each cart owner shall cause signs to be permanently affixed to its carts and said signs shall include the following information:
1) Identification of the owner of the cart or the business furnishing the cart for use, or both.
2) The procedure required for authorized removal of the cart from the parking facility.
3) Notification that the unauthorized removal of the cart from the parking facility, or unauthorized possession of the cart, is a violation of law.
4) A valid telephone number or address for returning the cart removed from the parking facility to the owner of the cart.
5) Each owner of carts used in the city shall prepare a written annual cart retrieval program and submit said program to the city simultaneously with its original application or renewal application for its business license as required under chapter 18 of this Code.

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