Cart Ordinances

San Gabriel, CA

San Gabriel, CA
Section 125.003: Severability
a) Physical Containment System. Devices on all shopping carts, which prevent them from being removed from the business premises by locking the wheels or otherwise preventing the movement of the shopping carts off the business premises or from the business entrance/exit.
Section 125.004: Cart Containment Requirements
a) Except as otherwise provided, it shall be unlawful for owners or operators of any establishment that provided ten (10) or more carts to provide or offer, or permit to be offered, any shopping carts to customers of the retail establishment without an approved mandatory cart containment system meeting one or all of the following criteria:
1) Installation of disabling devices on all carts, which are activated when they cross a barrier at the entrance/exit to the business structure or the perimeter of the premises.
Section 125.005: Cart Retrieval Required
a) In addition to installing physical measures to prevent the removal of carts from the premises, each cart provider that provides ten (10) or more shopping carts shall also retrieve any abandoned shopping cart related to the business and collect all shopping carts located on the premises and confine them in a cart containment area at the end of each business day (other than an establishment open for business twenty four hours per day)
Section 125.006: Penalty
a) Violations of the mandatory requirements of this Chapter may be subject to misdemeanor, infraction and or administrative citation penalties as provided for in the San Gabriel Municipal Code.

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