Cart Ordinances

Redlands, CA

Redlands, CA
Section 8.72.050: Shopping Cart Abatement
a) Upon discovering the existence of a wrecked, dismantled or abandoned shopping cart, or parts thereof, on public or private property within the City, the City Manager, or his authorized representative shall have the authority to cause the abatement and removal thereof in accordance with the procedure described in this chapter.
(Ord. 2266 § 1 (part), 1995)
Section 8.72.060: Assessments for Shopping Cart Removal--Hearings
a) Upon the abatement and removal of any shopping cart located on public or private property within the City, the City Manager or his authorized representative shall notify the owner thereof (if the same can be ascertained) by mailing a notice of abatement to the last known address of the owner. Such notice shall state the date the shopping cart was removed from public or private property, the location and procedure for retrieval of the shopping cart, and a statement that, in order to receive a hearing with regard to the removal of the shopping cart, the owner or its agent shall submit a request for such hearing either in person or in writing within ten days of the date appearing on the notice. Any such shopping cart removed and stored pursuant to these provisions shall be released to the owner thereof if claimed within thirty days after such removal and upon the payment of reasonable administrative fees. Such administrative fees shall be waived if, after a hearing has been requested, a determination is made at such hearing that upon a finding of good cause, the administrative fees shall be waived. The action of an owner or owner's agent or employee to permit any such cart, wagon or device to be removed from the owner's premises shall be considered littering.
b) The administrative fees for the removal and storage of the shopping cart shall be established or modified by resolution of the City Council and shall include the actual cost of removal and storage of any shopping cart, or parts thereof, plus the proportional share of administrative costs in connection therewith.
c) Any shopping carts which are not retrieved by their owner within thirty days after the mailing of written notice of abatement when such owner has not requested a hearing in accordance with this section, or within thirty days storage of the cart by the City in all other cases, shall be deemed to be permanently abandoned and may be sold at public auction or otherwise disposed of at the end of thirty days following such notice.
(Ord. 2266 § 1 (part), 1995)
Section 8.72.070: Identification of Shopping Carts.
a) All shopping carts used in the City shall be properly identified by the owner thereof, including the name of the local store in which such shopping cart is to be used. All persons owning shopping carts within the City for use of their customers to take outside of the buildings shall have firmly affixed thereto the owner's identification.
(Ord. 2266 § 1 (part), 1995)

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