Gatekeeper Systems Appoints Mike Lamb to its Advisory Council

Appointment adds wealth of knowledge and experience to better serve Gatekeeper’s customers while ensuring the highest standards of product effectiveness

Foothill Ranch, CA, (June 27, 2021)— Gatekeeper Systems, Inc., the global leader in cart-based loss prevention technologies, announced the appointment of Mike Lamb, LPC, as the newest member of their Advisory Council.

“We are excited to add Mike to our Advisory Council,” said Robert Harling, President and CEO of Gatekeeper Systems. “Few have been able to positively impact the Loss Prevention/Asset Protection (LP/AP) profession as much as Mike has, and we look forward to his involvement and contributions to Gatekeeper’s solutions. We believe in empowering retail professionals with the tools to take control of their inventory shrink and physical safety issues.”

“Joining Gatekeeper’s Advisory Council was an easy decision because I am passionate about elevating the tools in the market that keep retail employees safe from violent shoplifters while minimizing theft,” said Mike Lamb. “As a customer, I relied on Gatekeeper to help reduce shrink at Kroger while reducing employee confrontations with shoplifters. Knowing the success we had in achieving both of those milestones makes joining the Advisory Council a satisfying and exciting venture.”

Gatekeeper Systems’ Advisory Council is comprised of industry professionals working together for the betterment of retail LP/AP professionals as they strive to reduce shrink and maintain the safety of retail employees.

Robert Harling
President & CEO


About Gatekeeper Systems

Gatekeeper Systems’ expanded product suite of intelligent cart solutions offers solutions for EVERY retailer’s needs to minimize merchandise loss and reduce asset and labor expenditures.

Gatekeeper’s loss prevention, retail analytics, and cart containment solutions utilize patented locking wheel technology to put an end to cart-based shoplifting, shopping cart loss, and uninformed decision-making. Cart management solutions increase safety and reduce labor costs by maximizing productivity while simultaneously resulting in a positive store image.

Intelligent pushout theft prevention solutions stop thieves and their cart full of unpaid merchandise from leaving the store. Customizable wheel technology allows retailers to defend their entire store or just a high loss department based on the store’s unique layout.

NEW Retail Analytics solutions provide increased visibility for informed decision making. Increase efficiency, optimize fleet size, and perfect the entire customer shopping experience with store and enterprise-level analytics.

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