Gatekeeper Systems, Inc.


Retailers' loss prevention needs vary from one store to another. Gatekeeper Systems® understands these needs and has split its solutions into four categories for ease of use. Find information on Cart Containment, Cart Management, and Loss Prevention and Retail Analytics solutions below.

Cart Containment
Cart Containment solutions keep your shopping carts where you want them. Shopping cart containment solutions utilizing locking wheel technology include Gatekeeper Systems' most popular product line, CartControl®, utilizing the SmartWheel2.0QS, and GS2 wheels to prevent carts from rolling off property.

Cart Management
Managing your carts and keeping the store parking lot clutter free is now easier than ever. The CartManager® cart pusher products help make cart retrieval more cost and time efficient.

Loss Prevention
Shoplifters using shopping carts to roll out carts full of unpaid merchandise can now be a thing of the past. Gatekeeper Systems' purchek® pushout theft loss prevention solution prevents would be thieves from exiting with your products by disabling the cart when they attempt to exit. It’s time to put a stop to pushout theft!

Retail Analytics
Time to stop uninformed decision making. Gatekeeper Systems now offers comprehensive retail analytics with packages tailored to fit each retailer’s individual needs. Retail Analytics provide increased visibility for improved and informed decision making. Retail Analytics increase store efficiency and optimize shopping cart fleet size at the store and enterprise level.