Gatekeeper Systems, Inc.

CartManager XD+ FAQ's


Q: Who are Gatekeeper Systems' customers?

A: There are thousands Gatekeeper loss-prevention solutions installed throughout the United States, Europe, and Canada. In the United States, Gatekeeper has installed cart containment systems for fifteen of the top twenty retailers in the world. We are proud to have several of the largest retailers in the world as members of our family of satisfied customers.

Q: How long have the systems been installed?

A: Gatekeeper Systems installed its first system in 1997 and has proceeded to install hundreds of additional systems since. Most systems have been in operation for approximately 2-to-3 years.


Q: What is CartManager® XD?

A: The CartManager XD+ is a shopping cart pusher that makes the cart retrieval process more efficient and safe. CartManager XD+ employs state-of-the-art RF technology to adeptly push nested shopping carts safely back to a cart corral where they can be readily available for customer use. Using the remote control unit, only one employee is needed to retrieve up to 25 carts at a time. CartManager XD+™ is powered by two rechargeable, marine-grade batteries that enable almost endless usage of this cart retrieval system. In the field a CartManager is referred to by many different names including shopping cart pusher, mule, cart mover, cart puller, cart retriever, trolley mule, or shopping cart collector.


Q: How many carts can CartManager XD+ push?

A: Gatekeeper recommends pushing a maximum of 25 carts with CartManager XD+. While the unit can be adjusted to push more carts, this recommendation is made for safe operation of the equipment by one operator. Parking lot grade and size of your shopping carts may affect total capacity.

Q: How long do the batteries on CartManager XD+ last before you need to recharge them?

A: Under normal operating conditions the CartManager XD+ has a maximum run time of 18 hours on a single complete charge. Under continuous operation, CartManager XD+ will run for 8 hours.

Q: How do I recharge the batteries?

A: Batteries are recharged by plugging the unit's charge cord into any standard power receptacle (110-volt; 230-volt in Europe). The BDI (Battery Discharge Indicator) on the CartManager XD+ will indicate when the unit is fully charged.

Q: What do the colors on the BDI (Battery Discharge Indicator) icon mean?

A: The CartManager XD+ battery charge indicator, located on the back of the unit, indicates the current level of charge and can also be used to gauge remaining charge time. If all green bars are illuminated, the unit is fully charged.

Q: What do the diagnostic lights on the back of the unit mean?

A: CartManager XD+ is equipped with Trucharge Diagnostic codes that indicate battery level, charge status, and also aid in troubleshooting the machine:

  • Lights not flashing show the battery level of the CartManager XD+
  • Lights flashing show an error has occurred

Q: What happens if we leave the unit out and it gets wet?

A: CartManager XD+ is weather-sealed and utilizes "marine grade" components to protect it from wet weather conditions. In addition, the durable steel chassis and bodywrap are electrostatically powdercoated to protect it against rust and corrosion. To further enhance durability and longevity, all of the electronics have been securely placed in a steel reinforced compartment, further cushioning against adverse weather conditions and other potential physical abuses.

Q: How do I use the emergency stop button?

A: CartManager XD+ is equipped with an emergency stop button that allows the operator to immediately stop the machine. Simply hit (depress) the red button on the back of the throttle console to instantaneously stop the movement of the machine.

Q: How do I manually disengage the brakes?

A: CartManager XD+ utilizes both automatic brakes and an automatic parking brake. In case of power failure, these will need to be disengaged to move the unit. To do so, CartManager XD+ is equipped with a manual brake release lever, located on the lower left back of the unit. Simply pull on the brake lever to disengage automatic braking power.

Q: What kind of electrical receptacle do I need to charge CartManager XD+?

A: You will need a standard, three-prong, grounded, 110-volt (230-volt in Europe) power outlet to recharge the batteries.

Q: What if CartManager XD+ needs servicing?

A: CartManager XD+ is warranted by Gatekeeper Systems in accordance with our Limited Warranty Program. If your machine needs servicing you simply contact one of our Service Support Team members at 888.808.9433 to begin your excellent customer service experience.

Q: What are the safety features built in to CartManager XD+?

A: CartManager XD+ comes equipped with substantial safety features for the protection of your operator and your investment:

  • Emergency brake button on the manual throttle and on the remote
  • 100,000 candle power beacon strobe light
  • Automatic parking brake
  • Red brake light that operates automatically in both manual and remote mode
  • Warning horn on the manual throttle and on the remote control
  • Automatic low-battery warning indicator
  • Automatic overload shutdown
  • Programmed acceleration, deceleration, and maximum speed for operation control
  • All electronics are mounted away from batteries in a separate compartment
  • Brake away light is standard to minimize damage in case of impact
  • Complete steel chassis to protect both the operator and the electronics, in the event of impact

Q: How much does CartManager XD+ weigh?

A: CartManager XD+ weighs 696 lbs., with a physical footprint of 50" long x 27" wide x 56" high (including beacon tower).

Q: How does remote operation versus manual operation work?

A: CartManager XD+ can be operated in either remote or manual modes. It is recommended that for the first few times, in order to familiarize the operator with the machine's performance and movement, that it be operated in the manual mode without shopping carts.

In the manual mode, you will need two employees to retrieve shopping carts. The speed is controlled by the throttle (from 0 to max) with one employee in the back to operate the machine and one employee in the front to guide the carts. The carts cannot be directed from the back of the machine; this is for pushing power only.

In the remote mode, the unit can be operated with one employee. The employee is in the front of the chain with a fully-functional remote control, and act as the guide for the carts.

Q: What are the other mechanical specifications I need to be aware of?

A: Important static mechanical specifications of CartManager XD+ are:

  • Tracking width is 22.50" with a 12" foam-flled tire
  • 24" Wide ergonomical handgrip throttle control
  • 6' spring-coiled charger cord
  • Integral motor drive and axle assembly
  • Pressure-sealed transaxle and differential to prevent water or debris intrusion
  • Fully-shielded drive controller and electronics
  • Integrated, adjustable, automatic electro-magnetic braking
  • Isolated charger
  • Weight: 696 lbs.
  • Footprint: 50" long x 27" wide x 56" high (including beacon tower)

Q: What are the operating specifications for CartManager XD+™?

A: CartManager XD+ is equipped numerous safety and time-saving features. Some are:

  • Self-diagnostic motor controller with output to externally visible, Trucharge battery indicator/diagnostic meter for easy troubleshooting
  • Water-resistant remote control and receiver with 200-foot range
  • Remote control forward speed: fully adjustable to 3.5 mph
  • Remote control reverse speed: fully adjustable to 1.5 mph

Q: How is CartManager XD+ ergonomic?

A: Gatekeeper Systems has included numerous ergonomic advantages in the design and operation of its CartManager XD+ machine. Because musculoskeletal disorders are of concern to employers, Gatekeeper feels it has carefully constructed the CartManager XD+ to align with OSHA's guidelines for effective ergonomics. In particular, we have included:

  • 24" wide ergonomically-correct handgrip throttle control
  • Natural motion throttle (a forward twist of the throttle moves CartManager XD+™ forward; a downward or backward twist of the throttle moves the unit backward)
  • Distinct central positioning of the emergency brake

Q: How does CartManager XD+ help me to project a positive image to my customers?

A: Using the results of an industry study that validates the concept that customers buy appreciably more when using a shopping cart, CartManager XD+ will help you to project a positive image to your customers by:

  • Keeping your parking lot clear of carts, leaving it clean and neat-looking
  • Managing cart disappearance and helping to keep your neighborhood free of abandoned shopping carts
  • Having carts readily available for your customers
  • Retrieving carts in a safe and regulated manner
  • Controlling runaway carts, thus managing insurance risk

Q: How does CartManager XD+ increase employee satisfaction and decrease employee turnover?

A: CartManager XD+ not only offers you an easier, safer way of handling nested carts but also enhances employee satisfaction as well. Employees are eager to use CartManager XD+ because it makes the job of retrieving shopping carts easier. CartManager XD+:

  • Increases your labor pool; ease of use lends itself to a larger labor pool
  • Decreases training time with ergonomic, intuitive controls
  • Reduces employee turnover by making cart retrieval easier

Q: How does CartManager XD+ help my profitability?

A: Studies have shown that stores using automated cart retrievers show a significant reduction in cart retrieval labor of up to 50 percent. CartManager XD+:

  • Enables more carts to be safely retrieved at one time
  • Shortens fleet reclamation time
  • Allows greater quantities to be retrieved by fewer employees
  • Decreases employee turnover

Q: How does CartManager XD+ help decrease my potential insurance claim liability?

A: CartManager XD+ can help you to reduce potential insurance claim liabilities. Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD) associated with pushing, pulling, lifting and twisting, is the number one worker's compensation injury facing America's retailers today. Accounting for $20 Billion in annual worker's comp claims, CTDs are responsible for 33 percent of lost work days. CartManager XD+:

  • Enables you to limit potential exposure to high claims costs
  • Reduces potential liabilities by moving manual labor to automated control

Q: For insurance purposes, what is the minimum age for operating CartManager XD+?

A: Although Gatekeeper Systems cannot know your individual insurance policy age stipulations on operating machinery, it is recommended that the operator of the CartManager XD+ cart retrieval system be at least 18 years old.


Q: What is the service response time if the system does go down?

A: Customers who notify Gatekeeper Systems of a system failure will have a system technician scheduled to service their unit within 24 hours of notification.

Q: What do I do when there is a problem?

A: When it comes to service and support, Gatekeeper Systems places the highest priority on quickly and efficiently meeting the needs of our customers. Customers can reach a Gatekeeper Systems Customer Service Representative anytime by using our 24-Hour Toll-Free Technical Support Hotline at 888.808.9433, or by emailing

Q: Who will provide ongoing maintenance?

A: Ongoing maintenance will be provided by certified Gatekeeper Systems Field Service Technicians. In order to ensure prompt response to service requests, Gatekeeper Systems has also established relationships with several retail services contractors who are trained and certified by Gatekeeper Systems to provide the highest-quality service and maintenance.