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CartManager™ XD Shopping Cart Pusher

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Moving Cart Retrieval Forward


Industry studies validate what retailers already know: customers spend appreciably more when using a shopping cart. In response, retailers are providing more and larger carts. While helping increase sales, this trend brings new challenges. With more carts and larger carts available at stores, cart retrieval today is more labor intensive, adding overhead. The size and weight of carts continues to limit the number of carts that can be safely retrieved manually at one time. Moving too many carts increases the retailer's potential liability, not only to employees, but to customers and their vehicles. In addition, retailers are challenged to project a positive image as associates strain to push loads of carts in an unsafe manner.


CartManager® XD, commonly referred to as a shopping cart pusher, mule, cart mover, cart puller, cart retriever or trolley mule, is a retail productivity tool that helps makes cart retrieval more efficient and safe. The proven solution yields a rapid return on investment, not only in terms of reduced labor costs but in terms of overall liability. On average, retailers utilizing CartManager XD cart pusher report a 50 percent reduction in labor hours. Along with a reduced incidence of strain injuries, the automated CartManager XD also offers more control over cartloads, reducing the chance for parking lot accidents. The easy to use, ergonomically designed CartManager XD provides the added advantages of an increased labor pool, decreased employee turn-over and an enhanced image of employee safety. CartManager XD is your total cart retrieval solution.

1. The CartManager XD cart pusher comes with an easy to use remote control. With buttons displaying a turtle and rabbit for fast and slow modes, operation is self explanatory and simple for any employee to use.

2. The safety light pole with a flashing strobe makes the CartManager XD cart pusher easily visible to motorists while the fold down feature is perfect for effortless storage.

3. The CartManager XD cart pusher comes with a built in horn for additional safety.

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