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CartManager™ Shopping Cart Retrievers

cart retriever


Whether you call it a shopping cart shopping cart pusher, mule, cart mover, cart puller, cart retriever, trolley mule, or even a shopping cart collector, the CartManager® solutions are easy to use and cost effective. Collect more shopping carts in less time and increase the safety of your employees who are collecting carts in the parking lot. Gatekeeper Systems has cart retrieval units for any retailer's needs. Choose which CartManager cart retriever model is right for you.

CartManager® XD
The CartManager XD shopping cart retriever is the latest cart collection solution in the Gatekeeper family. This solution is the most popular solution for retailers with cart retrieval needs.

CartManager XD+®
The CartManager XD+ cart retriever is the higher powered cart collection solution in the Gatekeeper family. The cart pusher's increased motor power is ideal for stores with unconventional parking lots like those with steeper grades. The CartManager XD+ cart retriever has also been designed for stores that may desire to push volumes of 25 or more shopping carts at a time.


CartManager shopping cart retrievers are recyclable!

Check with your local authority to find where facilities are available.