Gatekeeper Systems, Inc.


Gatekeeper Systems® was founded in 1998 on the principles of innovation, quality, and service. Recognizing the significant impact of shopping cart loss on retailers, Gatekeeper set out to design and develop what is now regarded as the industry's preeminent cart containment system. That vision is now an international reality. Over the years, we've gained a unique insight into the needs of our customers and have engineered a range of integrated solutions that offer a unique blend of technological sophistication and ease-of-use.

From the first handmade prototype to today's industry-leading line of cart-based technology solutions, Gatekeeper remains committed to providing our customers with world-class products backed by unsurpassed service and support.


With over a million of carts protected worldwide, the proven success of the Gatekeeper solution has made us the market leader in cart-based loss prevention with a global customer list that includes the biggest names in retail. Gatekeeper is the clear choice and the numbers back it up: eighteen of the top-twenty worldwide cart-based retailers are Gatekeeper customers.

And, those aren't the only giants taking notice. More and more companies all over the world are realizing that Gatekeeper is the clear choice option when it comes to a provider that can deliver integrated, value-added solutions designed to maximize return-on-investment.


The spirit of innovation on which the company was founded remains the driving force behind our evolving technology. Gatekeeper is dedicated to enhancing the GS Technology Platform to deliver a broader range of products to our existing customer base.

But the vision doesn't stop there. Our continuing development in the arena of mobile asset tracking and containment will result in revolutionary new solutions that appeal to a diverse group of industries. From today's market-leading cart containment and cart-based shoplifting prevention solutions, to the future of real-time asset tracking and management, Gatekeeper will continue to develop tomorrow's technology for today's industry.

Our experienced management team provides the company with the vision and leadership essential to ensure financial stability, unwavering focus, and continued success well into the future.

Gatekeeper Advantage
Technology, service, global capabilities and vision are all areas Gatekeeper Systems has focused efforts that continue to make them The Leading Provider of Intelligent Cart Solutions.

Distribution Partners
The success of Gatekeeper Systems solutions would not be what it is today without the support of successful distribution partners.

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