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As Gatekeeper Systems® leads the way into the future of cart-based technology, we continue to receive attention and accolades from trade and consumer media alike. Our increased visibility is a result of our innovative technology development, top-tier customer list, and strategic partnerships with industry-leading distributors.

The Gatekeeper Systems' News Center provides access to our press releases, media coverage, MarketWatch newswire service, upcoming events, and media info.

Gatekeeper Systems' free daily retail news wire service, provides a concise rundown of all the latest happenings in the retail industry. Gatekeeper Systems' MarketWatch news service makes it easy to receive daily reports on the leading stories in the retail industry.

Find information about what Gatekeeper Systems is up to. Find which trade shows the Gatekeeper Systems' team will be attending, articles published about the company, press releases, and even downloads of its logos and digital collateral.

Gatekeeper Systems keeps a comprehensive list of all the cities in the United States that have a shopping cart ordinance.  Please contact your Gatekeeper Systems' Sales Rep if you would like more information on shopping cart city ordinances.