Gatekeeper Systems, Inc.

Gatekeeper Advantage


Our commitment to setting the standard has resulted in GS Technology, an integrated platform designed to cost-effectively deliver a wide range of solutions for tracking, containing, and managing mobile assets. Based on a single core component - Gatekeeper Systems®' patented active RFID-enabled self-locking shopping cart wheel - the GS Technology Platform is the foundation of our leading-edge solutions. Designed for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, the GS Technology Platform provides a flexible, modular approach to implementation, enabling Gatekeeper to effectively address the evolving needs of our expanding customer base.

Service & Support

From day one, Gatekeeper has understood that long-term success depends on building strong customer relationships. That's why we back every product with a comprehensive Manufacturer's Warranty, 24-hour toll-free customer support, and rapid service response. Gatekeeper's highly-trained Field Service Technicians bring years of proven experience, professionalism, and commitment to quality to every installation and service visit. Gatekeeper's expert in-house technicians, combined with some of the finest third-party retail service providers, form a nationwide network that guarantees the level of service and support essential to ensuring the satisfaction of our valued customers.

Global Capability

With subsidiaries in key international locations, we're able to efficiently and effectively market, deliver, and service our products on a global scale. Our European subsidiaries, combined with leading distributors, provide vital resources to support our expanding market base. Gatekeeper's Hong Kong subsidiary ensures the highest levels of product quality as well as provides a strategic base for global sourcing, supply chain management, and manufacturing oversight. From sales and marketing and installation and service, to quality assurance and manufacturing, Gatekeeper's reach extends far and wide.


The spirit of innovation on which the company was founded remains the driving force behind our evolving technology. Gatekeeper is dedicated to enhancing the GS Technology Platform to deliver a broader range of products to our existing customer base. Our continuing development in the arena of mobile asset tracking and containment will result in revolutionary new solutions with broad appeal to a wide range of industries. From retail loss prevention and theft prevention to real-time tracking and data capture, Gatekeeper solutions will meet the unique challenges faced by retailers, health-care, transportation, and a wealth of other industries.